Dear Friends,

My name is Denis. I started working in Digital Marketing area in the same year when Google appeared. There were no such words as SEO, SMM, and Digital marketing. What we had 20 years ago were just our physical products and services, a website on HTML and a huge need to promote them using any available means.

Since that time not only Digital marketer profession has appeared but also this profession has been divided into dozens of other narrow specializations such as SEO specialist, PPC and marketing campaigns officer, copywriter, business development manager, content marketer, media buyer, social media executive, mobile marketing manager, account manager, and many other specialities.

Despite many Bachelor and Master Programs in Digital Marketing have appeared in the universities, the Internet stays the main source of information for people who want to learn any aspect of digital marketing. Why? Because the internet is alive as well as digital marketing itself. No one university program can be so flexible to adapt fast enough to the liquid digital surrounding.

Unfortunately, it’s hard enough to find any reliable and trustworthy piece of information. By searching the internet, you may find hundreds of similar articles that have been written and rewritten one from another repeating all the mistakes and wrong assumptions. If somebody knows a real methodology that works in a certain digital area, such a person prefers to use it privately. Even being shared, such a methodology has a good chance to become outdated and useless one. It has happened many times with SEO techniques.

So, where can we find reliable information? I have an obvious answer: we should do our own research without assumptions, biases, and prejudices. In I am going to describe my own researches and experience in questions I am interested in. I hope it would be helpful for my readers.
Any critics are welcomed because it makes things better!

Denis Potrubeiko,
Digital Marketing Specialist