How to Analyze and Evaluate your Content Marketing Strategy with a Single Metric? Case studies

Content Marketing strategy metrics

Do you agree that almost any company is interested in effective content marketing? I think so.  There are many well-written guides about building an effective marketing strategy according to your needs. But what does effective content marketing mean? Probably, you would say that well-done content should drive a lot of traffic to a targeted product or services. But what about sales? Sometimes even huge traffic doesn’t provide any conversion. So, people see it but don’t buy it.

How to Get Leads for IT Startups? 3 Effective Lead Generation Techniques for Software Development Companies

Leat generation for IT company and startup

Nowadays many entrepreneurs are entering the digital market with their innovative ideas, products, and services. And the main question for all of them is: How to get leads? We will research different Inbound and Outbound marketing techniques to build the most cost-effective and time-saving lead generation strategy for a newly created IT company in a highly competitive market. Hint! We have analyzed most of the existed marketing tactics and have found 3 the most effective lead generation